About Us

Totally Organized is a DFW based organizing service devoted to helping people organize their homes and businesses so they can live more efficiently, productively and peacefully. 

None of us have time in our lives to be overwhelmed and yet so much of our time is spent there. We are overwhelmed by clutter, major transitions, the growing to do list, and mostly by the limited time we have to get it all done. We all desire to live our lives in a more simplified way.  If you don’t feel a sense of calm when you walk into your home or much of your time at work is spent ‘catching up’, there will never be a better time than now to gain control of your surroundings and transform your space and systems into sustainable solutions.

We welcome the opportunity to help you develop and implement a plan that’s perfect for you and your lifestyle. The outcome will be functional, easy to maintain and visually pleasing. Most of all, it will enable you spend more time with family, friends and what is most important to you.

 I love to help people work through the challenges of simplifying and organizing their professional or home environments so they can focus on the things that matter most to them. 

Traci Olivares

Hello! I’m Traci Olivares, Certified Productive Environment Specialist (CPES) in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. I’ve been helping people get organized since 2007.

Simplifying a complex environment is far from simple. My early training as a pilot taught me the value of following procedures and staying calm in chaotic conditions. Even before that, moving around the world as the daughter of a military officer had given me solid experience in deciding which possessions were important and packing them so I could find them later!

I learn something valuable from every new challenge, whether it’s setting up an aesthetically pleasing, efficient and productive work environment or helping a family streamline their current home or move to a larger or smaller one.

My continued association with Barbara Hemphill’s Productive Environment Institute through the CPES master’s program keeps me growing professionally and learning even more and better ways to meet the challenges of simplifying surroundings for peace and productivity.

When I’m not out making the world productive and organized, you will find me with my family—husband Adrian, teen daughter, and middle school twins (boy/girl). We love to travel, hike trails, watch movies, or just hang out at home in McKinney, Texas.